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Guaranteed funds available within 24 hours. Conditions Apply


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can I obtain loan funds?

    Crown and Gleeson can advance funds as quickly as one hour from receiving the application. Typically the funds are available the next day.

  • Why would someone use Crown and Gleeson and not one of the Banks?

    People come to Crown and Gleeson because they want the money NOW. They cannot wait the 30-60 days it takes the Banks to advance the funds or they simply don't have the required documents, paperwork or tax returns demanded by the banks.

  • Will Crown and Gleeson lend money for any purpose?

    The funds must be used predominantly (more than 50%) for ANY business or investment purpose other than personal residential investment. The funds can be used to:

    • Purchase a business
    • Buy new plant or equipment
    • Buy stock
    • Pay tax or other work related expenses eg. wages, legal fees, advertising etc
    • Business repairs and maintenance
    • Working capital
    • Council approvals/Head works
    • Bridging the unexpected "gap"
    • Fund a commercial or industrial property purchase whether the bank cannot settle in time.
    • Fund a residential investment property purchase where the property is to be owned in a trust or company name.

    There is no limit to the possible uses of funds from Crown and Gleeson.

  • What security is required?

    We lend on first and second mortgages on real estate and will also lend on cars, boats, planes or anything of value that we can register an interest over.
  • If I borrow against my vehicle do I get to keep it?

    In most cases you will be able to keep the use and enjoyment of your vehicle while you have a loan with Crown and Gleeson.
  • Can I capitalise the interest?

    Yes. We are always flexible to meet your requirements
  • Can I obtain a line of credit?

    Yes. We can establish a line of credit that will cost absolutely nothing each month and you only pay interest when you draw down the funds. After establishing a Crown and Gleeson line of credit, the funds are only a phone call away

  • What application forms do I have to fill in?

    You need to fill out a Short Business or Investment Application Form

  • Do I need a business plan or tax returns?

  • What is a non-recourse loan?

    A non-recourse loan is a short term business loan where a lender will not seek any further payments or security from the borrower if the loan goes into default and the lender suffers a shortfall.
  • Are there any application or other up-front fees?

    No. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining the loan then you pay nothing.
  • Do I have to pay a valuation fee?

  • What is the length of time of a Crown and Gleeson loan?

    The maximum length of a loan is up to 36 months.

  • Does Crown and Gleeson pay a commission to referring parties?

  • Is Crown and Gleeson a Broker for other banks or financial institutions?

    No. We lend on our own funds. That is why we are so fast (and so friendly).

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